Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Legend's page

Operation '' Help a Child Smile '' 2008 Laval ( Quebec ) Canada
Buffalo Springfield Transport, Laval Police ( PDQ-5 )

Knights of Columbus Council # 1

It's not just about ourselfs, it's about giving back to others
and sharing with those in need!
It's about reconising and accepting our corporate
responsabilities towards society,
It's about compassion and caring.
We pride ourselfs with our involvement in the community,working with team members and community partners, making the world a better place, one day at a time!
'' We care about the world we live in! ''

Richard E.Primeau, President and CEO

Tel: 210) 519-5203 San Antonio, Texas
Canadian Corporate Office
Laval ( Quebec ) Canada

Tel: 450) 963-2785

Richard E.Primeau's Chicken Haulers Association of America
Real Honest to goodness Rooster Cruiser's

Richard E.Primeau, Head Rooster

Thankyou to our very special customers!

Buffalo Springfield's Transportation of Wine making Equipement
The secret to business success; Down home friendly and honest, personalised service

Treasure Valley Business Group ( TJ Farms )
Thankyou Cindy Roberts for trusting us with your business!
We are extremely proud to have the priviledge of transporting
for Treasure Valley Group of Eagle Idaho USA.

la pomme de terre québécoise / Saint Arneault

Alexander Farms / Vardaman Mississippi


Dutch Harbour / Coastal Transportation

Midwest Engine Repair

Animal Food Services

Things I love to Rant about!!

The 4 a.m. Traffic Light
You know the light I'm talking about. At four in the morning, you're driving down a flat desolate highway. You can see forever in every direction and are entirely sure that you are completely alone. Out of nowhere, and for no good reason, appears a red light. You stop and wait for it to turn green. It doesn't. You know it's completely safe to run the light. There are no cars coming - you can see that with your own eyes. And yet you wait. A tumbleweed blows past you as you ponder the possibility of some sort of police sting operation to catch late-night red-light runners. By now you are cursing yourself for being such a law-abiding fraidy-cat. You tell yourself that the Dukes of Hazzard would run the light (yes, even Daisy). Minutes later, just as you're about to almost gather up enough guts to start thinking about maybe getting the courage to perhaps go through the red, it turns green. You've wasted some time, burned unnecessary fuel and proven yourself to be a pussy. All because of a little red traffic light. Multiply this frustration by a billion if you have to pee really really badly.

Government Sponsored Athletes
Attention synchronized swimmers - you are a waste of water and spandex. I can always spot government sponsored athletes, because they participate in sports that no one gives a crap about. The professional luge circuit pays about what you would expect it to, so athletes rely in part on government funding to be able to participate in their sport. But in spite of that generosity, I have never in my life heard an amateur athlete thank the government or the taxpayers. They should be kissing the feet of everyone who has ever paid taxes. That's money out of our pockets that pays for them to play games for a living. Sure your grandma's social security check won't cover the heating bill, but David Leoni shaved 8 seconds of his 7.5km biathlon. Awesome. Just what the country needed. In missions, shelters and foodbanks across the country, people are doing real work for no money at all. The next athlete to complain about a lack of public funding gets a bobsled stuffed where the sun don't shine.

Convenience Fees
The banks would have to work pretty hard come up with a more insulting way of taking my $1.50 than calling it a convenience fee. How retarded do they think I am? It should be called the thick broomhandle vigorous anal probe fee, because it has more in common with a vigorous anal probing from a thick broomhandle than it does with convenience. Splinters and all. What would they call it if they kicked me in the junk every time I wanted to withdraw some of my money? The Swedish massage fee? Banks, consider yourself warned. This is bullshit. You know it. I know it.

Bicycle Helmets
When I was a kid learning to ride a bike, I fell off a lot. But guess what? No helmet, no elbow pads, and not a single case of brain damage. None of us wore helmets back then, and none of us ever hurt ourselves. And we were 10 billion times more reckless on our bikes than kids are today. I saw a guy ride off the roof of a church in 5th grade. I'd like to see the Nintendo generation try that. Nowadays you see helmets everywhere: on roads and trails, on adults and kids, on bicycles and tricycles. How the hell do you fall off a tricycle? If your kid needs a helmet on a tricycle, I hate to say it, but your kid needs a helmet 24 hours a da
y. A total stranger pulled up beside me the other day and told me I should be wearing a helmet. I asked him why he wore his, and he said it was to protect his head. So I punched him in the neck.
( I really did'nt punch the guy in the neck )

Richard E.Primeau President and CEO
Buffalo Springfield Transport International Inc.

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